The Wojak Way

Herckeim Courbet's artistic exploration of that feeling. DESPERATRAGE
Series 4, Card 1
Artist: Herckeim
Issuance: 105
PHANTOMWOJAK is the first Wojak asset by BitcoinCartoons. The artwork exhibits Feels Guy and Pepe in a romantic scene inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. PHANTOMWOJAK
Series 4, Card 2
Artist: BitcoinCartoons
Issuance: 30
Jak and Woko. This card brings power to the people through peace and kek. Jak says fiat can't buy you love and all woko wants is some truth! 
Original artwork is hand embroidered silk thread on hemp linen. JAKANDWOKO
Series 4, Card 3
Artist: sattvicsats
Issuance: 69
Series 4, Card 4
Artist: Easy B
Issuance: 50
Physical art to represent a multitude of feels. THATFEELWHEN
Series 4, Card 5
Artist: Abstract Mirror
Issuance: 54
No one cares if I'm pretty... PROJAK
Series 4, Card 6
Artist: Fake Annie
Issuance: 69
Series 4, Card 7
Artist: VSTRVL
Issuance: 36
Series 4, Card 8
Artist: J.W.Kek
Issuance: 24
"WOJAKREBIS" created by morlacos in 2022 WOJAKREBIS
Series 4, Card 9
Artist: morlacos
Issuance: 69
NPC Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed pseudonymous non-player character who developed Bitcoin, authored the Bitcoin Wojak Paper, and created and deployed Bitcoin's original reference implementation. NPCNAKAMOTO
Series 4, Card 10
Artist: Ruse
Issuance: 21
Series 4, Card 11
Artist: Kero
Issuance: 69
Because so many coins creep into Wo's sack, the whole world climbs into Wo's crack. SHITCOINJACK
Series 4, Card 12
Artist: Pepenardo
Issuance: 75
What the devs are actually doing..... DOWNBADWOJAK
Series 4, Card 13
Artist: Elispri
Issuance: 100
Series 4, Card 14
Artist: Theo Goodman
Issuance: 88
Series 4, Card 15
Artist: Crimson Rider
Issuance: 50
Wojak walks underneath the ever watching Electric Eye ELECTRICEYE
Series 4, Card 16
Artist: Johnny Dollar
Issuance: 99
LIAWOJACK accepting first place WOJACKCHAMP
Series 4, Card 17
Artist: Shawn Leary
Issuance: 100
Series 4, Card 18
Artist: tomopen
Issuance: 30
BEARWOJAK is stoned out of his mind, but still on point. He highly suggests you take several bong hits a day and ride out this bear market like a boss. BEARWOJAK
Series 4, Card 19
Artist: AERA ONE
Issuance: 100
Stranded, alone, and hungry. LONELYWOJAK
Series 4, Card 20
Artist: pinkthingsco
Issuance: 77

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