The Wojak Way is a digital art collection on Counterparty (XCP), a Bitcoin protocol to create tokens and NFTs. The protocol has existed since 2014, and pre-dates any Ethereum standard. Counterparty essentially allows Bitcoiners to interact in a decentralised digital art market, creating a circular economy.

The series provides a refreshing take on the classic internet meme Wojak, commonly known as “Feels Guy”. Origins of the meme are attributed to 4chan and similar message boards. The character has been adapted and modified by the internet over time. In the meme’s original form, he was a simple, black-outlined cartoon drawing of a bald man with a wistful expression, and is posted to generically represent emotions such as melancholy, regret, and sadness. Today, Wojak representations are near infinite. Popular examples include NPC, Doomer and Soyjak.

We hope to see creative interpretations of Wojak in the form of memes, fine art, political satire, video GIFs and more. This is an organic NFT collection, curation is essential.

Our collection is community-driven and we have an asset (WOJAKS) for artists to “destroy” upon acceptance, both as a submission fee and anti-spam measure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why must images be 400 x 560 if Large Image is available?
    For various reasons, our collection needs to be of images standardized in size. Your publicly available individual visual High Definition version of art may be of any size. We ask that you find your own hosting, but make sure to give us the link.
    Also, this is a collection of trading cards. While we like to see enhanced images with video and sound, please be mindful that the main form of your asset we will support is that of a virtual trading card.
  • What are the thumbnail requirements?
    Counterparty standard is to link to a png that is exactly 48 by 48 pixels. Our submission form has been updated to automatically make and include a thumbnail. If you would prefer to make your own thumbnail, please find free webhosting such as imgur for this thumbnail image. In hopes to make it easier to manage the entire collection as well as metadata into the future we incorporate the data into the json file itself. We prefer, if you are able, for this to be converted to base64, however this is no longer a reqirement. If you want a thumbnail to be created for you, simply leave this blank.
  • How can I convert my png to base64?
    If you are able to size your card down yourself, simply drag and drop it to base64-image.de then click the "copy image" button. This is the string should be used in our submission form in place of a thumbnail image link. Otherwise we recommend Cool php Tools who allow you to upload an image and size it in a preview. Remember to make it 48 px squared, or circle shape. The part you copy should start with datimage/png;base64, and likely end in ==
    Please be mindful not to copy anything extra, the default image, or the full size png
  • Why set the token description to thewojakway.com/j/YOURASSET.json?
    Update - please do not set your description until you have recieved approval notice. We do not want your asset pointing to our server until it is time.

    Pointing your token to our server, allowes us to host the .json file for your asset. We will use the submission data to make the file. It will be live once your Wojak is approved. Controlling your card's metadata allows us all to use the whole Counterparty system to represent your artwork to its fullest. As seen recently, sometimes management includes major overhaul to comply with new JSON standards.
    Do not use easyasset.
  • What is the difference between Comment and Description?
    Descriptions are made public on the explorer as well as on our page, eventually. Comments on the other hand to aid in the approval process. If there is something that you want to keep between us, make it a comment.
  • Is an eMail really required?
    You can use a telegram handle if you would like instead. But we do need a way to reach you either way. Neither of these will be made public.
  • What is IPFS, why do I need it, and how can I get one?
    IPFS is a naming system of sorts. Almost like a magnet link for torrent trackers, if you know what those are. It is both a location and a hash of the file as a way to locate it on the internet for years to come. Like an ip number that never goes away.

    IPFS will allow you and us to make sure the card artwork representing your asset will be accessible despite hosting difficulties that are more likely to happen, the more decades this collection is preserved.

    Getting an IPFS string that represents your file can be quite simple thanks to nft.storage. Please make sure to upload your 400 x 560 submission and not another file, like an audio, video or large image.
  • Are Image Large, Audio and Video Links supported?
    These are optional enhancements for your asset. Please find your own hosting for these files. By giving us the links with your submission, we will be able to include this data in your json file that we host. This should allow for your extra media portrayals to be displayed on the exlorer, xchain.
  • Why is there a bitcoin address on the bottom of every page?
    Your humble website designer has requested to be tipped in your latest Wojak or other CounterParty cryptoart. BTC and XCP are also definitely appreciated!